Electrical works in Estonia

Our company performs all electrical works in Estonia on the most suitable and favorable terms for the client. Flexible approach – the opportunity to order turnkey solutions or separate services. Highly qualified personnel with all necessary certificates of competency and permits. Electricity network design and project coordination. Warranty and post-warranty service (2 years warranty on all work).

Our company holds all the necessary permits and certificates of competence for electrical work. Projects will be coordinated with the appropriate authorities and will take into account all current requirements of the relevant legislation. Long-term work experience and smooth cooperation of our team of experts allow us to execute orders of any complexity with high quality and within the optimal time.

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Electrician services

Want to order an electrician in Europe? Contact us! Our specialists carry out electrical repairs in Tallinn or install electrical wiring in a new building with high quality, care and within a reasonable time. You will be satisfied with the result – we guarantee the maximum efficiency and safety of the electrical system.

You can order one or more of the services listed below:

  • Electrical system design
  • Project documentation development
  • Electrical project execution as a turnkey solution
  • Installation and connection services of electrical equipment and lighting
  • Power line repair services
  • Services for the repair and replacement of the wiring system and installation of new equipment

Advantages of E-stone

Our experts take into consideration all the features of the electricity wiring in your house and make improvements to minimize the load on the grid and optimize the power consumption. All safety requirements are followed and installation works are carried out without damaging the interior.

We use only high-quality materials and components that ensure the longevity and safety of every connection and the functionality and reliability of the equipment installed.

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Ordering of electrician services

To order a professional electrical service, simply leave a message on our website or call the number provided. We will contact you shortly to arrange an electrician’s visit with the shortest possible waiting time.