Fiber-optic cable installation in Estonia

We offer the installation of optic cables in Estonia under the most favorable conditions.

Highly qualified professionals with the most advanced equipment for optic fiber welding and line testing, a guarantee for all works done, a perfect value for money. We guarantee the highest quality of your communications.

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The benefits of our services

You can use the full service or choose the service that suits you best:

  • Installation of optic cables. A job that requires diligence, precision, and the use of high-tech equipment.
  • Optic cable welding. All junctions of the optic cable sections are processed with the relevant method and melted together.
  • Testing. Immediately after welding, all optic cable junctions are tested by several methods, using special equipment to check the leak tightness and unobstructed signal transfer.

From communications design to optics repair in Tallinn

Fiber-optic cable installation in Europe is a high-demand service because the quality of communication is not only determined by ease of use but also by the safety of the building.

We have brought together professionals in our field to provide you a full range of services in the field – from communications design to optics repair in Tallinn.

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Optical fiber installation

To order our services, simply leave us a message on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a specialist visit to estimate the volume of work.