Renovation of buildings

E-stone offers a full range of services for the renovation of buildings and premises and for the restoration of furniture in Estonia.

Renovation, instead of demolishing old houses, allows them to be renovated and to add the modern cozy feel. Our company has a lot of experience in renovating old buildings – we carry out renovation projects of old cottages and buildings under construction and preserve all the advantages of previous architectural solutions and create unique, cozy and modern space solutions.

Maintaining the integrity of the structure of private dwellings and manor houses, increasing the efficiency of energy consumption with the use of the latest technologies and materials. The harmonious design of the facade, upgrading of engineering communications to the level of modern usage.

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Advantages of our services

Reconstruction – restoration of the building to its original condition:

  • We perform full diagnostics of the technical condition – we find hidden defects, “cold corridors” (causes of energy loss), structural elements that are not subject to restoration and need to be completely replaced.
  • We install modern engineering-technical communications – water supply and sewerage, electricity, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating system, control of all systems (including digital control).
  • We perform foundation and facade insulation and waterproofing works. If requested, we replace the windows with more functional and airtight windows.
  • We install a new roof using innovative insulation materials – the new roof not only protects against moisture but also keeps heat in the house for a long time.
  • We perform facade work and interior finishing in accordance with the design.

Renovation works throughout Estonia and Europe

We have substantial experience in renovation in Estonia and Europe. We accept orders from both individuals and construction companies. We use the newest materials and technologies to ensure conformity to the highest quality standards.

Our staff can perfectly identify the causes of various changes that have happened to the building to completely eliminate any unexpected work. We fulfill our obligations accurately and on time, ensuring the quality of all work.

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Ordering renovation

Order your home renovation right now to enjoy life in the midst of the latest technologies in a familiar, old-time atmosphere.