Restauration of furniture

Broken elements, deep bruises caused during transportation, peeled varnish, loose joints – all these seemingly insignificant details not only damage the look, but also reduce the durability and life of the item.

Every item is special and unique, and therefore it is not possible to use a standard approach. The final price depends on the age of the antique, the degree of wear and tear, the materials, the decorative elements, the presence of the engravings. The complexity of the work can only be assessed by inspecting the object or a picture – the specialist determines the exact cost and the deadline for completing the work.

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Реставрация мебели

Stages of restoration of solid wood products:

  • Dissolving the old coating residue
  • Scraping varnish or paint using a metal tool
  • Scrub brush cleaning (brushing)
  • Repair of defects: repair of cracks, bruises, scratches with epoxy resin
  • Highlighting elements
  • Priming and painting of wood, including protective varnish
  • Polishing
  • Upholstering (if necessary)

Ordering restauration

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