Construction of saunas and salt chambers

We offer you a full range of sauna construction services in Estonia and other European countries. We carry out construction works under the most favorable conditions: extensive experience, high-quality and safe materials.

We build and repair both built-in and stand-alone saunas. We are ready to bring cozy and peaceful atmosphere into every room. In finishing we use species of wood that are good to our health so everyone can get the maximum benefit from visiting the steam room.

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What is a salt chamber?

Salt chamber is a special purpose room that creates a microclimate that is similar to the natural salt cave in all its features.

The benefits of a salt chamber are invaluable. Regular visits to the salt chamber help to:

  • Reduce the frequency of bronchial asthma attacks
  • Reduce the incidence of allergic reactions
  • Improve nervous system functioning, increase stress tolerance
  • Improve blood circulation, increase hemoglobin levels
  • Improve immune system function

Construction of sauna with interior finishing and salt chamber installation

  • Construction of saunas
  • Repair and interior finishing of saunas
  • Furnace installation
  • Design a salt chamber
  • Salt chamber installation

Our professionals do their jobs quickly, responsibly and carefully, which allows us to guarantee a long-lasting result. We also repair the existing sauna and do the interior finishing. We install the sauna furnace with removal of the old one.

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Installation of a salt chamber or construction of a sauna

Want to order a salt chamber installation or sauna construction in Tallinn as a turnkey solution? Call us or send us a message on our website now.